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What is the need of social media management

Did you know that over half of the worlds population uses social media? There’s an estimated 4.65 billion people using social media platforms in 2022. Did you also know that for every second in 2021, 11 people used social media for the first time.

As the years go by our dependence on social media becomes more evident. Whether it’s for the ease of staying connected with friends and family across the world, keeping up to date with news or growing your business, social media has it all.

Before we move on one more fact for you - 2 hours and 27 minutes. This is the average amount of time spent on social media by a person DAILY.

An image of usage of social media applications across a week

It’s understandable why people find these statistics worrying, but this growing phenomenon is not going to stop anytime soon, if anything it’s popularity will continue to sore and those statistics will grow year on yearly.

Why is Social Media Management so Important?

Social media is by far the easiest and most successful tool for any business. The results it can provide is outstanding and when used correctly and intelligently it can elevate you and your business to a level you have never dreamed of. Now this won’t happen overnight, you need a well thought out strategy that takes every single details into account…

  • Your business and its needs

  • Your voice, do you want to be informational or fun? Or both?

  • Content - Photo’s, videos, animations.

  • What audience are you targeting, what do they enjoy.. this may differ between platforms

  • Your competitors, what are they doing?

  • What platforms suit you and your plan?

  • Understanding the algorithms of your chosen platforms.. what times best to post?

  • Hashtag research, this is VITAL because this will help you identify new customers using niche hashtags.

These are just the major things your strategy needs to be covering and remember being consistent is key, especially if you are trying to grow organically.

Most companies now have a specific team or person that manages their social networks and overall strategy. There are tools on the market that can help you plan out a month in advance but this can be very time consuming and your account may lose its personal touch, if you are using an app and planning a post 3 weeks in advance, how do you know what will be current then? You’ll will miss an opportunity for a cheeky mention of a hot topic that boosts your posts popularity.

Hiring a Social media management agency not only helps you manage your social networking platforms and daily interactions that are needed. Most importantly this will save you time to focus on building other areas of your business. You will have a detailed plan of what will be going on, what content is being used and you can feel safe knowing your companies posts are finding the right people.

Social media management can be what you make of it, here at DigiWise UK we tailor the plan to your needs and aspirations. Whether you want to target one specific platform, all platforms we can combine a plan that your content can be adjusted to all platforms and their needs. We will recommend a plan for you but if you want to start with more or less content than we recommend then we will work on what you want, to make you comfortable.

What is absolutely imperative is you can’t leave your profile unmanaged, if there is a failure to respond to problems from customers you are risking more than just one unhappy person, these comments are there for all to see so how you respond to these have a huge effect on how potential clients see your brand and business.

It is also important that you use social media to take part in conversations about your own industry and brand, these conversations can help you uncover a potential new sales line or help you improve your own customer service. Even if you aren’t actually pursuing an active social media plan yet, you are able to get information and keep tabs on what people are saying and that is important for trends, problems and basic information.

What we say here at DigiWise is make your company part of the conversation, get involved, be ever present. Over time you will build a rapport with your customers that none of your competitors will have. This work will lead to a lot of long term gain.

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