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What is social media management?

What does a social media manager actually do?

Having a social media presence is nonnegotiable for today’s businesses. It’s a crucial part of the overall marketing strategy, helping brands increase their awareness and generate website traffic.
As social media continues to grow and take over, so does the demand for social media marketing managers. Business owners have numerous responsibilities, which can make it difficult to post content consistently to Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. However, finding and hiring the correct social media marketing manager can help with this significantly. Having someone in this role can help free up your time, allowing you to focus on other areas while strengthening your brand’s online presence.
Your social media manager will analyse your business, your main goals and most importantly understand your company's voice. Understanding these three things will help them develop strategies for your business that align with your growth targets. They will also track these results, at DigiWise we update our customers once a week, depending on what you want to see we will then make a spreadsheet designed for what you want to track. I know I said the dreaded word spreadsheet but our ones are not boring I promise!
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet That Has Our Social Media Tracker On It

When To Hire A Social Media Marketing Manager?

How does a business know when it’s time to hire someone to help with social media efforts? While every organisation has different needs, there are a few signs that it’s time to hire this position. If a business is struggling to manage incoming leads from its social channels, it’s a good idea to add someone to the team. Likewise, if customer service requests are going unanswered, it’s time to take action. Businesses shouldn’t allow their social media accounts to collect dust over time.
Maintaining a social media presence can be time-consuming, especially as a business owner. Hiring a social media marketing manager enables you to save time and stress later down the road.
Another huge benefit to a healthy and consistent social media approach is that just like Google, all of the social media platforms have an algorithm. So consistently posting good quality content with relatable hashtags will not only grow your following and increase your brands awareness, it will also mean your account becomes favourable with the platform and they will then pump your content out to a wider range of people who follow the hashtags you are using. All platforms algorithms are slightly different, see below the image this gives you a good overview of what the different platforms prefer at this moment in time.
This Graph Shows The Best Times To Post Across All Of The Different Social Media Platforms

Roles a Social Media Manager Should Do?

No matter the size of the business the social media manager's main goal is to replicate your business's voice and broadcast it to an ever growing audience. A growing audience will then give you a platform to develop more customer relationships.
Ultimately, these are the essentials tasks taking place all the time:
  • To develop marketing strategies (paid or organic) to suit your audience and customers. Whether the brand is promoting a new service or product, creating influencer partnerships, or trying to reach a new marketing goal via social media. These strategies will be key in delivering results.
  • Interacting with your audience, this is key. Making you feel real, not just an entity. Share their work, their posts and most importantly be your customers best friend!
  • To create or oversee the creation of all imagery and graphics that are to be posted. Making sure they are all maintaining the high quality your company deserves.
  • Within the strategy it is vital you have a plan, be ahead of the game. Have posts made 2 weeks before they are planned to go out. This way if there are any hiccups or issues you don’t fall behind from day one and your followers don’t miss out.
  • If you are paying for ads, it’s imperative you are monitoring this daily. These things will be money spent, how many link clicks, are you getting more followers or maybe even the amount of likes a post is getting.
  • Create and maintain relationships with brands/manufacturers in your industry. These relationships are key within the day to day of your business buying products from them so why shouldn’t they be online too?
  • Most importantly, and it's been mentioned at least twice already, they replicate and maintain your company's voice. Keep the message and the goal the same throughout your business.

Our Message

Here at DigiWise we look after many businesses' social media channels in a variety of different industries. Although they all differ in many ways we are flexible and create plans that are analysed by all concerned before we even begin our work.


Usually we will book an appointment with you, this normally takes between 30-60 mins and we run through your business, what you do, what are your targets, visions and mission. During this appointment you will get to know us too and we will explain the key areas where we think we can add value to your business.

SWOT analysis

Within 24 hours we will send you our personal plan/strategy for you. On the first page will be our SWOT. This will list your company's strengths for social media, these will be things we really push and are the ‘easy wins’ to create a larger audience or get more orders. Next will be the weaknesses we feel can be improved for your social media journey with us. This maybe something we find your competitors do and might benefit you. From our experience the weaknesses we find are normally small little adjustments that are needed to change and they work. In other cases you might tell us a reason why you are not doing this and that is absolutely fine too!
The next part of our SWOT is Opportunities, from our initial conversation and finding out your goals these opportunities will be things we can do to help you reach these goals. The final part will be threats, usually we don’t find any of these but an example of a threat would be: If you let us know in our appointment there is a supply chain issue. Recently we did a project with a company called The Electric Bike Shop, their industry had huge supply chain issues which severely affected our plans but these are all good things to know so we can work around them.


The next page will revolve around your audience, target market and maybe a type of customer you have not found yet. The typical things on this page are as follows:
  • Your audiences Demographics (Gender, Age, Times)
  • Channels - What channels are your audiences most likely to respond well too.
  • Their needs/expectations
  • Their possible frustrations with the industry/product
  • Your company's goals and responsibilities and how they align
  • We may provide sources of information we find from your customers profile.
We will then move on to what we call out ‘content pillars’. These will be the 5 main aspects all our content created will revolve around. This will be different depending on who you are but typically this will include key products you have mentioned and how we see fit, or a service that we think will sell well in comparison to what we find online.
Engagement Strategy
This will let you know how we plan to interact with your audience. Like mentioned previously we like becoming friends with followers. Instead of pouring out pictures of product with the generic ‘ Buy this from us now.. Only £9.99.’ This is old school and boring. We like to frequently comment on their posts, be friendly, share their posts to our story and recommend them! The progression of these relationships online is so key to the success of your company online. This is the best way to turn your followers to customers. We do have other techniques but this proves to be the most successful.
Posting Times
We will send you over posting times and dates. You can then have a good idea of what post would go out on what platform at what time. We want you to feel comfortable in knowing when your business is sending out posts but also why, so we will explain what platforms algorithms prefer. The time posts are most successful differ between all platforms so we will keep you informed on that.
Who are your competitors, which ones should you worry about and which ones you shouldn't. This page will be a smaller version of a SWOT analysis.
What is most important to us is before we engage and move forward with any strategy is everyone is on the same page. Although we will be working on your social media we also want to create a great bond with you and your business too.
We do not expect any payments up front, we have our own saying for this ‘Two businesses, Two weeks, No Quibble’’. In a nutshell that means we have our initial consultation, we create our strategy plan and once you want to go ahead you get your first two weeks free. This gives you enough time to decide whether you want to move forward with us.
Our pricing is dependent on how much work needs to be done - some industries are low maintenance and may only need 1 post a week, whereas others are needed daily with constant interaction with your target audience. This will all be agreed and part of the plan we send over initially but can assure you just like we analyse your competitors, we do ours too ;) So we always strive to be inline with the current market to give as much value for your money as possible.
Our key features of our social media management packages are:
  • Your own account manager - you will only deal with one person who will oversee the whole process. They are on the other end of the phone/email whenever you need.
  • Initial consultation and strategy plan are completely free
  • Your first two weeks are completely free too
  • We cater for organic growth strategies or paid ads.
  • Hand picked, curated content posted to suit algorithms and your business
  • With an agreement and clear message we can answer enquiries that come through or pass on sale leads to the appropriate person
  • Influencers - We do the leg work for you. We will find influencers in your industry across all platforms to create partnerships with you